Morse Learner (v2014.2.1) By Wilfred Verkley

Morse Learner is a small computer program for Microsoft Windows to assist in learning and experimenting with international morse code.  You can use it to transmit or playback morse messages, practice learning to receive morse characters, practice transmitting morse characters, or practice receiving whole words.  Its emphasis is to make learning morse code easy and fun.

- Simple to use.
- Transmit morse code, either using a morse key (using an external morse key, or a button on the mouse or keyboard), or by typing the message in on the keyboard.
- Record and copy and your morse code to the clipboard in morse mail format, which preserves the exact timings (the "fist") of the message you recorded.
- Playback text or morse mail messages from the clipboard, even while in another application.
- Practice receiving morse.

- Practice transmitting morse.
- Practice receiving entire words.
- Allows you connect an Morse Key, or to use your mouse or keyboard.

A morse mail message is simply some text which records the time lengths a morse key was pressed down (+) and released (-) for an entire morse code transmission.  An example morse mail message looks like:

<MorseMail>2005.07.07 09:44:36


Harry (ab7tb) - For his excellent MorseMail program, its very elegant morse mail message format, and the community he has fostered.

Everyone behind the open source project, Morse Code Madness, whose code gave some valuable insights (and some synthesized voice samples which were "liberated").

Ward Cunningham, whose own Morse Trainer is a beautifully simple program with a long lineage (and with some algorithms which seem to be directly based on old electronic circuit equivalents from old training machines) which gave me the spark to build this program.

Jason Kottke for his very handy Silkscreen font


New 2014-1-2: Working on 64-bit OS's....option to hide morse symbols...and a few small bug fixes (920Kb)

To install, unzip the program to a directory on your computer in which you want to run it.